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Trust Us For Complete Outlet Installation and Wiring in Sarasota, FL

Unless you're a licensed electrician yourself, you might not know exactly what goes into outlet installation and wiring in Sarasota, FL. We here at Power Moves Electric, however, are highly familiar with these types of projects. Our personnel is standing by to assist you when you need to install a single outlet or upgrade all the outlets at your property for your convenience and peace of mind.

Knowing When Your Outlets Need Professional Attention

The first signs of electrical outlet problems are usually inconsistent operation or loose-fitting plugs. Indications of melting, burning smells, and visible sparks are other trouble signs that point to the need for immediate electrical outlet replacement or repair.

Why Choose Us as Your Electrical Outlet Wiring Experts?

Our team truly excels at providing electrical services, but the reasons to do business with us don't end there. We also offer:

  • Fast, efficient work
  • Fair pricing
  • Senior citizen discounts

Frequently Asked Outlet Installation and Replacement Questions

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    We Furnish the Following Outlet-related Products and Services

    Our comprehensive electrical outlet installation and maintenance services cover a wide range of product types and brands. We also deal with the following specialty services:

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      240-volt Wiring

      Ranges, dryers, air conditioners and other large appliances generally require 240-volt wiring to manage their increased electrical loads. We'll gladly install 240-volt outlets in your new home or add them as part of a home renovation project.

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      GFCI Outlets

      Ground-fault circuit interrupter outlets are a must in bathrooms, kitchens and other areas where moisture and electricity are nearby. Our team is backed by considerable experience working with GFCI outlet installation.

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      RV Outlets

      Installing specially designed outlets for campers and recreational vehicles is another service that we're equipped to provide.

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      New Home Wiring

      You can rest assured that we'll follow the latest industry guidelines and use premium components so that your new home's electrical outlet wiring system will be ready to stand the test of time.

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    We match our excellent workmanship with attentive, detail-oriented customer care

    Will Perry
    Will Perry
    Google Reviews

    I have used this company for many different projects and they always exceed my expectations!

    Courtlyn Saxby
    Courtlyn Saxby
    Google Reviews

    Tre is awesome! Quality work and reasonably priced. I am happy I found an electrician I can trust. Thanks again!

    Ron Popoli
    Ron Popoli
    Google Reviews

    It was a wonderful experience from start to finish! I especially appreciate the great communication. We are now able to charge our electric vehicle using FPL EVolution. No more dirty, stinky gas stations. Our electrical installation technician knew exactly what he was doing. We passed the county electrical inspection. I highly recommend Power Moves Electric!

    Paul Nienaber
    Paul Nienaber
    Google Reviews

    The sign technician showed up on time and all the materials necessary to install my new 240 V outlet for my Piel electric vehicle charger system. Everything was connected and programmed to my satisfaction in the worksite was left in a very neat and clean. I couldn’t be happier.

    Brendan R.
    Brendan R.
    Google Reviews

    Power Moves Electric installed our FPL sponsored EV charger. The whole team made this process super easy, from start to finish. Andrea communicated every detail and got the install scheduled. Dylan came to install the charger. He was very friendly and explained every little detail we needed to know. Thank you guys again for making this process so easy for us.