Lighting Installation

Professional Lighting Installation in Sarasota, FL

Lighting installation encompasses the process of adding, replacing, or upgrading lighting fixtures. It involves various tasks such as planning the layout, selecting suitable fixtures, wiring, and mounting or hanging the lights. Whether it's indoor or outdoor, the process of lighting installation in Sarasota, FL, requires careful consideration of factors like aesthetics, functionality, energy efficiency, and safety compliance. From simple fixture replacements to complex lighting systems, a well-executed installation can significantly improve the comfort, productivity, and aesthetics of any environment.

Whether your tastes run to understated fixtures, vintage lighting elements, or extravagant crystal chandeliers, we here at Power Moves Electric can design and install a lighting scheme that complements your property. We offer outdoor lighting installation in addition to our indoor services. Best of all, we provide senior citizen discounts.

Why You Should Hire a Skilled Electrician For Your Project

Failing to pay attention to detail during the light fixture installation process can cause lights to fail to work as expected or last as long as they should. In some rare cases, damaged wiring or a house fire could result from improperly installed lighting fixtures. Working with professional lighting installers ensures proper placement, wiring, and configuration to optimize illumination while enhancing the overall ambiance of the space.

Why Choose Us as Your Lighting Contractor?

As a family-owned business, we take pride in putting the interests of our clientele ahead of everything else. To that end, you can expect us to offer:

  • Timely installation work
  • Excellent customer service

Frequently Asked Lighting Installation Questions

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    The Various Lighting Installation Services We Offer

    Our training and expertise allow us to effectively install the following types of lighting fixtures:

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      Recessed Lighting

      Recessed lighting installation requires a few additional steps for placing and securing the fixtures, but you can rest assured that we'll handle the work without causing unnecessary damage to your property.

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      Chandelier installation can range from simple metal frames to complex fixtures with hanging pendants and draping lines. Our team is prepared to install and set up all styles of chandeliers in line with manufacturer specifications.

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      Outdoor Lighting

      Weather-resistant outdoor light fixtures can improve security and curb appeal at the same time. Our menu of services includes furnishing top-quality exterior lighting products and taking care of the installation too.

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      Interior Lighting

      Regardless of the look and materials of the lighting fixtures you select for your home, you can count on us to provide professional installation for years of effective operation.

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      LED Strip Lights

      Strip lighting is a great way to add ambient light to any space, and we're equipped to furnish first-rate installation of these modern lighting features in homes of all ages.

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    Will Perry
    Will Perry
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    I have used this company for many different projects and they always exceed my expectations!

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    Courtlyn Saxby
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    Tre is awesome! Quality work and reasonably priced. I am happy I found an electrician I can trust. Thanks again!

    Ron Popoli
    Ron Popoli
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    It was a wonderful experience from start to finish! I especially appreciate the great communication. We are now able to charge our electric vehicle using FPL EVolution. No more dirty, stinky gas stations. Our electrical installation technician knew exactly what he was doing. We passed the county electrical inspection. I highly recommend Power Moves Electric!

    Paul Nienaber
    Paul Nienaber
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    The sign technician showed up on time and all the materials necessary to install my new 240 V outlet for my Piel electric vehicle charger system. Everything was connected and programmed to my satisfaction in the worksite was left in a very neat and clean. I couldn’t be happier.

    Brendan R.
    Brendan R.
    Google Reviews

    Power Moves Electric installed our FPL sponsored EV charger. The whole team made this process super easy, from start to finish. Andrea communicated every detail and got the install scheduled. Dylan came to install the charger. He was very friendly and explained every little detail we needed to know. Thank you guys again for making this process so easy for us.